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Company Name STTA PLANNING,LLC ・ First-class architect office Spice
representative director Tsuyoshi Akamine
head office
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Department of business development
Real Estate Division / General Affairs Division

akamine apartment F1
1-8-7 Yogi, Naha City, OKINAWA
902-0076 JAPAN
Phone +81-98-855-0655
Fax +81-98-855-0657

The office
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Design and construction office

103 Marusin apartment
2-15-1 Yogi, Naha City, OKINAWA
902-0076 JAPAN
Phone +81-98-833-5519
Fax +81-98-833-5526

Home page
Established January 23, 1996
Business line 【Support for opening】Business plan creation advice / funding advice / income and expenditure calculation,etc.
【Architectural design and construction】Commercial facilities / housing / communal housing / public facilities
【Interior design business】Space design / sign design / CG perspective / interior Coordinates and accessories sales (curtains, fabrics, etc.)
【Real Estate Division】Real estate tenant brokerage / mediation / management, planning / development of commercial facilities / office buildings, planning of rental apartments, effective use of land
Bank Okinawa Bank Yogi Branch
Ryukyu Bank kohagura Branch
Kaiho Bank yorimiya Branch
JA Okinawa Mawashi Branch
Number of employees 15
Qualified person ■ Design
Licensed Architect (1st grade 1,2st grade 3)
1 Quantity Surveyor
3 Existing housing condition survey engineer
housing environment coordinator(2st grade 1,3st grade 1)
1 interior decorator
Color coordinator(2st grade 2)
■ Construction
building operation and management engineer(1st grade 1,2st grade 2)
3 2nd grade engineer operation and management engineer
1 second-type electrical work engineer
Construction industry accounting clerk 2nd grade 2 people
■real estate
2 Real Estate Notary
1 2nd grade Financial Planning Engineer
1 Real estate consulting
1 Rental real estate business manager
1 Fixed-term (advanced) advisor
1 Okinawa Prefecture Damaged Buildings Emergency Risk Judge
4 Class A fire prevention management officer
(As of May 2020)
Business license First-class architect office registration: Okinawa governor registration No. 107-2974
Permission for specific construction industry: Governor of Okinawa Prefecture (Special -29) No. 11059
Disaster prevention labeler authorization: Firefighting authorization No. 316 E-47-31420
Real estate transaction license number: Governor of Okinawa (3) No. 3661
Registered 0005 as a Naha City Home Improvement Contractor
Major partner companies Okitile Corporation、Sincol Okinawa Co., Ltd.、Naiso Co., Ltd.、Hoshizaki Okinawa Co., Ltd.、Ryukyu Ina Co., Ltd.、Kitazawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. ※ random order
Agency/the sole agent Fujie Textile Co., Ltd. 、Daikin Air Conditioning Okinawa Co., Ltd.、Adal Corporation、Sincol Okinawa Co., Ltd. ※ random order
Member organizations Okinawa Architect Office Association, Okinawa Prefectural Small and Medium Construction Association, Okinawa Prefectural Labor Standards Association, Japan Self-Defense Forces Protection Association, All Japan Real Estate Association・ Okinawa Association of Architects ・ Naha Corporation Association ・ Expulsion of Gangsters Okinawa Prefectural Council (Okinawa Violence Expulsion Campaign Promotion Center) ・ Social Welfare Corporation Naha City Social Welfare Council ・ Non profit organization Okinawa Prefectural Employment Assistance Organization, Specified Nonprofit Corporation Regional Industry Promotion Association, Urasoe Rotary Club, Okinawa Prefectural Small Business Entrepreneur Association, Okinawa Prefectural Vocational Ability Development Association, National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Association, Modern Version・ Construction Occupational Accident Prevention Association ・ Ryugin Business Club ・ Naha Chamber of Commerce ・ Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance ・ Okinawa Industrial Promotion Corporation ・ Okinawa Real Estate Consultation Packaging Council, OKigin cattleya club · NPO corporation Children's Shelter Okinawa Institute national welfare equipment professional counselors Association All Japan Real Estate Political Federation,Rekiosu club,WUBokinawa※ random order